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Alan Bidard

Alan BIDARD is an award-winning Martinican, French and Caribbean director specialised in animated short and feature length motion pictures mixing Afro Caribbean and global cultural elements. To this day, Alan Bidard has won more than 270 awards and 550 nominations worldwide.



Feature film - 2021

OPAL is the second animated feature film from Alan BIDARD.

Six months after its release in December 2021, the film has already won 190 awards and 250 nominations worldwide. Recently, Alan Bidard won a Special Mention for Best Direction in the prestigious Pulcinella Awards.


Battledream Chronicle

Feature film - 2015

BATTLEDREAM CHRONICLE is the first animated feature film from Alan BIDARD, and the first animated science fiction feature from the Caribbean. Released in 2015, the film won 24 awards and 70 nominations worldwide.


Animated series - 2018

Battledream Chronicles

BATTLEDREAM CHRONICLES is the first animated series from Alan BIDARD, and the first from the Caribbean. The pilot episode won 30 awards and more than 130 nominations worldwide.



Short film - 2020

REFLEXION is an animated short film made during the confinement and telling about the quarantine. The film won 12 awards and more than 50 nominations worldwide.

It was also nominated as an Official Selection in the prestigious Zagreb Animation Film Festival in 2020.


The Flight

 Short film - 2018 

The Flight, a short film made for helping the climate refugees from hurricanes Irma and Maria. The film won 3 awards and more than 30 nominations worldwide.


Clair Obscur

Short film - 2016

Clair Obscur, a short film created for helping general audience to understand and prevent suicide. The film won 3 awards and was in the Official Selection of the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival 2017. The film is now used as an educational material by psychologists in France.

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